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Yay! Afterpay is the new payment method on the block and it's already extremely popular. Use Afterpay on Milk Tooth to buy now pay later, and get an OYOY Adventure Rug or The World Rug, beautiful Grimm's wooden toys, some amazing Kip & Co bed linen, your Yumbox, all of it...ALL OF IT!, now and pay it off over eight weeks.

Afterpay is simple to use. Just select it at Milk Tooth checkout as your payment method, and you'll be prompted to create an account if you don't already have one. You'll pay nothing upfront! We'll ship the goods to you right away. It's kind of like a reverse lay-by.

If your Afterpay payment doesn't go through, there are a handful of common reasons to consider and, happily, a handful of solutions to apply so you can get your beautiful Milk Tooth children's decor and toys with no further ado:

1. Your Afterpay may fail if your credit card expires within eight weeks. Contact your bank and get that replacement sent out to you pronto.

2. You're on your mobile. Sometimes Afterpay doesn't play as nicely with mobile phones as it does with desktop computers. If you can't get your Afterpay payment to process, try hopping onto your laptop and see if you can get a different result.

3. You've been spending merrily and Afterpay has decided enough is enough, you've reached your limit. Well, it might be as simple as that, but your limit is actually affected by several factors, including how long and how often you've been using Afterpay. It's a bit like a credit score really. You should note as well that sometimes the Aferpay purchase history of other members of your household will affect your dealings with Afterpay. If you have an legitimate alternate address you could try updating the Afterpay portal with this.


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