September 08, 2017 2 min read

Edit November 2021: Ok, yeah, so this didn't happen! Well, the house did and it's my forever home and I LOVE it, but the blog posts about the build did not, I'm sorry. I might try to share some pics and info about our home on this blog going forward though, if anyone is interested. Below is a pic of one corner of Sylvia's room, featuring a Champagne Dreamy Canopy from Spinkie Baby, a Kip and Co Velvet Beanbag, and a Miniland Doll. - Kath x

Spinkie Baby Champagne Dreamy Canopy and Kip and Co Velvet Beanbag at Milk Tooth


We're building a new home! I'm keen to share all the gory (and fun) details of the planning, the build, and the styling of our new house here with you and on Milk Tooth's Instagram account (link in footer).

We're building with project home builders and self-proclaimed sloping block experts Montgomery Homes in the gorgeous lakeside and bush-enclosed community of Murrays Beach, in Lake Macquarie.

I'm going to use this as a home page and index for all of my other posts about the build. A new home build is somewhat chaotic and has its ups and downs, so I think I'm just going to blog as a thought arrives in my head. We're already most of the way through the planning stages, so I can't handle them chronologically anyway, and any attempt to do so might make my brain implode.

I'll also use this post to link to a number of pages here on Milk Tooth that detail the styling of our new home, and I'm just going to update those pages as I add a new piece to a room - a velvet cushion here, a Scandi play mat there. Of course I'll have a focus on the kid's bedrooms and a beautiful bohemian style playroom that I plan to create, and I just can't wait to showcase some of Milk Tooth's gorgeous bed linen, rugs, and decor in them all. I also love supporting other small home and decor businesses and hope to collaborate with many of my faves before this journey is over.

So, links below to come very soon - as I create them!

- Katherine x

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