Yumbox Selection Guide

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This is definitely one of our most frequently asked questions! Which Yumbox is right for my child?

We've created a visual guide below that you might like to skip down to, but in a nutshell the Yumbox bento lunch boxes differ in two main ways: size and number of compartments.

Size matters! So we'll tackle that here as a primary filter, with the number of internal compartments covered as a secondary consideration.

Snack sized! Yumbox MiniSnack

If you're looking for a bento box for recess, fruit break, or a playdate for a baby or toddler, the Yumbox MiniSnack might be the one for you. It holds around 1.5 cups of food and comes only in a three compartment configuration.

Large sized! Yumbox Original or Yumbox Panino

If you're looking for a lunch box for a primary school aged child, both the Yumbox Original and the Yumbox Panino hold around 3.5 cups of food. They're the same size externally and hold the same amount of food, but the Original has six compartments and the Panino has four compartments.

You might choose the Original if you wanted to include a cut up sandwich plus lots of variety in terms of fruit, vegies, crackers, berries, mini muffins, rice cakes, berries, and so on.

You might instead choose the Panino if your child particularly likes sandwiches (you can just about fit two, one on top of the other, into the largest compartment of the Panino) or a main serving of pasta, salad, or similar, plus a few snacks on the side for extra variety.

Extra large! Yumbox Tapas

For kids with bigger appetites, older kids, or even teenagers, you might like to consider a Yumbox Tapas for their lunchbox. It holds around 4 cups of food and you can choose between 4 compartment and 5 compartment configurations.

One feature unique to the Tapas is that the 4 compartment tray fits into the 5 compartment Tapas, and the 5 compartment tray fits into the 4 compartment Tapas. This is all while remaining leakproof for solids and thick liquids. We have spare Tapas trays available for separate purchase in both configurations. The spare Tapas trays do not fit into the Original or Panino lunch boxes.

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