We offer a wide-range of beautiful baby dolls at Milk Tooth, from dolls that are suitable for newborns and up such as the Olli Ella Dozy Dinkums or Cozy Dinkums, to anatomically correct Miniland Dolls. to super soft and snuggly Alimrose dolls. Choose a single best friend for your child or a whole family, all ready to be dressed and taken on adventures and loved. They make a particularly wonderful gift for a child who's just become a new sibling, as they can then role play with their dollie alongside their parent(s).

Alongside our gorgeous range of baby dolls, we also offer some absolutely beautiful doll accessories. Think soft hair brushes with wooden handles, doll-sized seagrass baby changing baskets, clothes of all colours and styles, rattles, rattan strolleys, soft fabric doll-sized baby carriers, and much much more.