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March 11, 2016 2 min read

I've never actually explained the inspiration behind the name Milk Tooth on here before. It was a selection from amongst a number of potential names that included a few different animal references (because I love animals, and a lot of our toys, cushions and other decor are animal-themed). Unfortunately, after some research, I found the animal names that I liked were mostly taken and that style of name had really been done many times over.

Naming a business can be hard because it's just so permanent (in most cases) and there are so many factors you need to consider. I wanted the name to sound modern, not too cutesie but instead a little edgy. I wanted it to reflect the fact that we sell items for babies and young children. It needed to be different to that of similar toy and decor stores already out there. And I wanted it to be easy to spell and say. It also needed to be available in terms of domain and social media handles.

A milk tooth is a baby tooth, the set of teeth your child has before they all fall out and their adult teeth grow in and they're no longer your small child anymore and are going to grow into an adult and move out and leave you as an empty-nester seemingly overnight. Sob. I created Milk Tooth around about when my little bub Sylvie had her very first two milk teeth, smack bang in the middle of her lower gums (the usual spot for the first teeth to come through). They were, frankly, adorable, and first gave me the idea for the business name. I really liked that the name was inspired by how Sylvie was at that particular moment in time, because she also inspired the business itself. I also like that the name almost perfectly reflects the demographic of our target customers: babies and young children - little people who have milk teeth!

And that's it, really, nothing more complicated than that. The only two issues we've run into with the name are people occasionally spelling it as one word - Milktooth - which I actually thought was correct at first myself but doesn't really matter as our url is the same regardless, and a high-end restaurant in, I think, Canada, that has the same name. Occasionally on Twitter we receive kudos for an amazing-sounding dish that I'd love to eat but would never actually be able to cook. I imagine they must sometimes receive a thank you tweet about a customer's lovely new wooden rainbow, baby doll, lunchbox or doll house, so it all evens out in the wash :-

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