November 13, 2021 1 min read

Omg, it's been four years since I published a blog on here!It's been 84 years

Naughty Kath. I have actually published a few FAQs that could have passed as blogs, so I haven't neglected this area of the business completely, but there's been nothing posted here for a while. And that, my friends, can be put down to one thing...TIME. I am so busy packing your orders (thank you!), replying to messages, ordering new toys, getting said new toys up onto the website, (occasionally) posting on social media, managing my inventory, etc etc etc that there are not enough hours in the day for me to write blogs!

However, stay tuned, because I'm going to be asking some of you - yes you! - if you'd like to contribute some blogs instead. I would LOVE to hear your play ideas and see your favourite toys, and in return there's some yummy store credit just waiting for you. I'm just about to publish the first of these customer-written blogs and it's an absolute beauty from one of my regulars!

Kath x

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