November 16, 2014 1 min read

I've been busy unpacking and listing a whole bunch of wonderful animal wall stickers from KEK Amsterdam. I'm actually pretty excited about these stickers, as they're right up my alley in terms of nursery design or kid's room design. Real photos, pretty much life-size and super-flat on the wall, so they look realistic.

They come in two ranges - Forest Friends and Safari Friends - which are perfect if you're looking for a woodlands theme in your nursery or an African animals theme for your kid's room. So, if you're stuck for nursery decoration ideas, you could consider building your theme around these cool wall decals. Invest in a feature wall of them and your hero piece will be sorted! Perfect for a unisex nursery idea too.

Here's a couple of pics of the largest Safari Friends set and Forest Friends set we have, but they all come individually as well if you prefer to pick and choose.

Anyway, back to the title of this blog post, because I wanted to share these cute pics of Sylvie getting up close and personal with this lion cub wall decal. She really took a shining to this little guy! (Note he's all shiny because he's in the packaging still - they're super-matte on the wall). I love how she's crawling all over him and poking her finger in his eye in these pics. No one escapes from the eye-poking in this house - we all get it - Mummy, Daddy, the cats...and the wall stickers.




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