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Range: Lunch boxes
Brand: Yumbox

  • Includes coloured exterior box and removable insert tray
  • Four compartments: One 2 cup sandwich/salad-friendly section, two 1/2 cup servings, plus a 1 oz. dip/treat well
  • Recommended for older kids and adults (based on capacity), though you can use it for whomever you please!
  • Materials are entirely food-safe, BPA-free and phthalates-free
  • Sturdy ABS (outer box), tritan (tray) and silicone (seal)
  • Your Yumbox measures approximately 21.5cm x 15.5cm x 5cm

The Wow Red Yumbox Panino Lunch Box is a rich cherry red colour, with a deeper red latch. The Panino style of Yumbox has four compartments, including one large enough to take a full sandwich or salad, and is perfect for kids of all ages and adults.

These lunch boxes are such a great way to provide your kids with a healthy and varied nursery, day care or school lunch. Or you might like to take it work for yourself! Pack them up with a sandwich, berries, chopped veggies, crackers, yoghurt, cheese, couscous, leftovers, dips, fruit, salad, whatever you can think of! The beautifully-illustrated Eat Well tray reminds us to pack a variety of healthy items across all of the food groups.

Yumboxes are leakproof (!!), so you can include thick wet food items, such as yoghurt, thick sauces and dips (though not water, soup or watery liquids). The compartments don't leak into each other either. The lunch box lid seals with a latch that's easy enough for a child to open.

Another important feature is that Yumboxes are made entirely of food-safe materials. They're BPA-free and phthalates-free.

Dishwasher-safe at a maximum temperature of 65C/149F. Top rack only. We highly recommend hand-washing the outer shell and/or removing it before the heat dry cycle. This will help to prolong the longevity of the seal

Customer Reviews

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Kasha McCann

My son started school this year and the Panino box has been the best thing. Fits his lunch perfectly. Keeps food seperate. Perfect for yoghurt. Perfect for little hands. My son has fine motor issues as well as poor muscle strength in his hands and these are prefect for him to open and close giving him more independence at lunch time.