Mader | UFO Spinning Top | Season (Level 3)

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Mader

    • Diameter 6cm
    • Choose from:
      • Spring (with pink)
      • Summer (with orange)
    • Order of stripes might vary from the pictures
    • Maple wood
    • Natural colour stain
    • Handmade in Austria
    • Difficulty level: 3 of 6 (medium)
    • Suitable for children 3yo+

    The Mader UFO Season Spinning Top is an exceptional spinnner, suited to children and adults who have a good grasp of spinning. Choose from the UFO Season Spring Spinning Top, with greens, pinks, teal, yellow, and orange, or the UFO Season Summer Spinning Top, with greens, oranges, and yellow. Order of stripes might vary from what is shown.

    The Mader UFO is created via a special machining technique that allows a perfectly even surface on the inside of the top.  Made from a single piece of wood, the UFO is then carefully handpainted using all natural colour stain.

    Mader's beautiful spinning tops are an absolute delight for both adults and children alike. The quality and craftmanship is next to none and they are simply fascinating to play with.

    Being handcrafted from natural materials, each of Mader's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing.