Mader | Draw Spinning Top (Level 5)

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Mader

    • Diameter 6cm
    • Ash wood, cork plug 
    • Pencil included
    • Natural colour stain
    • Six colours to choose from:
      • Red
      • Yellow
      • Light Green
      • Dark Green
      • Light Blue (muted periwinkle)
      • Dark Blue (brighter blue)
    • Handmade in Austria
    • Difficulty level: 5 of 6 (difficult)
    • Suitable for children 3yo+

    The Mader Draw Spinning Top really does draw! Lay out a large piece of paper, insert the pencil (included) through the hole in the spinning top, roll the pencil quickly between your hands, let go, and then watch as the Draw Top creates spirals and whorls across the paper. This is one of the more challenging tops to spin, but the end result is so much fun and so worth it!

    Please note the cork plug at the top of the Draw Top may have small air holes and chips missing, this is normal for the Draw Top. 

    Mader's beautiful spinning tops are an absolute delight for both adults and children alike. The quality and craftmanship are second to none and they are simply fascinating to play with.

    Being handcrafted from natural materials, each of Mader's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing.

    Customer Reviews

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    Very cool spinning toy

    Fun, great for creative play. Fun for making cool pencil art.