Learn & Grow | Magnetic Wand

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Range: Magnetic Toys
Brand: Learn & Grow

  • 1 x Magnetic Wand only
  • Random selection of green, blue, red, orange, pink, or yellow
  • Counting Chips not included - sold separately

Let your child explore the magnetic world! What is your brightly coloured Learn and Grow Magnetic Wand attracted to in your home? Each Wand contains a permanent magnet folded into the end of a brightly coloured plastic handle which is durable and easy to clean. We will randomly choose a colour for you out of yellow, pink, orange, green, red, and blue.

The Wands go perfectly with our Learn & Grow Counting Chips (sold separately), which are metal-rimmed. The sounds they make as they tinkle up towards the Wand are magical, as is the satisfaction of running a hand down a Wand covered in Counting Chips to make them fly off the end! This is STEM learning at its most fun.

Customer Reviews

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Love this!

Wow - who would have thought something so simple could be so much fun! We use this with the metal rimmed counting chips and my 2 year old has used it daily since we purchased it 6 weeks ago.
It’s also very sturdy, not ideal but it’s taken a few drops and throws and no signs of weakness yet! Very impressed.