Grimm's | Magnet Puzzle Triangles Squares Circles

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Grimm’s Spiel & Holz

  • 64 pieces, including magnetic wooden pieces and rhinestones
  • Metal tin
  • Birch or poplar plywood
  • Acrylic glitter stones
  • Non-toxic water-based colour stain
  • Box is 20cm x 20cm
  • Magnetic play space is 16cm wide
  • Wooden pieces are 0.4cm thick

The Grimm's Triangles Squares Circles Magnet Puzzle comes with 64 pieces, including both magnetic wooden pieces and sparkling acrylic gems. Together they allow for the creation of beautiful and colourful two-dimensional artworks, mandalas, and patterns. Your child can explore the shapes and colours and bring their own designs to life. The metal tin provides the perfect backdrop for playing and the whole set is perfect for traveling and in the car.

Being hand-finished, each of Grimm's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing. Please note they are stained, not painted, and they are not varnished.