Grimm's | Birthday Ring 16 Holes Natural

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Range: Decorations
Brand: Grimm’s Spiel & Holz

  • 4 timber pieces, each with four holes
  • 30cm in diameter
  • Lime wood
  • Finished with a non-toxic, plant-based oil
  • Decorative item, not for play

There are many ways in which your family might like to use Grimm's Birthday Ring. Of course, you may wish to decorate it with candles, Grimm's decorations, and/or flowers and other nature finds for a birthday centrepiece. You could even arrange it to surround a birthday cake.

You might also like to set up your birthday ring as a calendar, with each of the 16 holes representing one month of the year and perhaps a special decoration in the remaining four holes to commemorate the start of each season. The Birthday Ring could also be used at Christmas and other special occasions.

Decorations and candles sold separately. For safety, candles will require the separate purchase of candle holders in order to stand in the Birthday Ring. Make sure there is no draft and that no decorative figure is near the flames.