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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Grapat

  • Set of 12 nature-inspired wooden toys
    • Handpainted
    • Natural timber
    • Each piece is approximately 1.2cm to 3cm wide and up to 12cm long
    • Non-toxic water-based colour stain
    • For children 3yo+

    The Grapat Wonders set is for coveting and for playing, for display and for outdoor adventures. Featuring twelve handcrafted toys inspired by the treasures that small children love to pick up and collect on nature walks and on the beach, Wonders is a simply beautiful set of wooden toys that has been designed with care and thought by the wonderful people at Joguines Grapat.

    What can you and your child see in this set? We spot a sea urchin, a bird's egg, an acorn, a sea shell, a sheath of wheat, a starfish, a mushroom, and so much more. Perfect for matching, for inspecting and delighting over, Wonders also pairs beautifully with the Grapat Tinker Tray and Grapat Perpetual Calendar, both sold separately.

    Made from natural timber with water-based colour stain, the 12 Wonders feel beautiful in the hand and are simply wonderful for outdoor, messy, sensory play. Just give each toy a gentle wipe with a slightly damp cloth afterwards and remember, they're designed for play and it's ok if they get a little worn or dirty; you will treasure those marks as your children grow up.

    Being hand-finished from natural materials, each of Grapat's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing. Please note they are stained, not painted, and they are not varnished.

    Customer Reviews

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    Stunningly perfect

    Couldn’t love these little wonders any more! You can tell so much thought went into making these, and they’re such gorgeous quality as always with Grapat. Perfect for small worlds, sorting, categorising, taking on nature hunts.. pretty much anything you can imagine. Highly recommend.