Grapat | Perpetual Calendar with Nins

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Grapat

  • 12 Nins in 12 rainbow colors
  • 1 wooden bowl
  • 2 wooden cubes printed with numbers
  • 1 wooden platform in 4 sections with the months of the year printed in English
  • Natural beech timber
  • Non-toxic water-based colour stain
  • For children 3yo+

The beautiful Perpetual Calendar from Grapat teaches children about the days and months of the year. The ever popular 12 Nin peg people can be played with separately to the calendar as well.

The base plate has the months of the year printed on it in English. Children can match the rainbow-coloured Nins to the seasons: purple and blues for the cold winter months, yellows and orange for summer, greens for spring, and reds and browns for autumn. Also included are two Beech wood cubes with numbers printed on them so children can turn them to show the current date. The small timber bowl can be used to hold an autumn leaf, a spring flower, or other treasure from nature to represent the current season.

Made from natural timber with water-based colour stain, the Nins and cubes feel soft and textural in the hand and are fantastic for sensory play. Joguines Grapat toys are popularamongst Montessori and Waldorf minded parents, but also amongst parents who simply enjoy beautiful, natural toys that allow for educational, fun play.

Being hand-finished from natural materials, each of Grapat's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing. Please note they are stained, not painted, and they are not varnished.

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Quality product

Gorgeous quality and such a pleasure to look at. I purchased this perpetual calendar more for me than the kids, of course though they love the vibrant colours of the 12 nins and want to play.