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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Grapat

  • Set of 12 wooden peg people
  • Set of 12 interchangeable hats
  • Without their hats, each Fancy Nin measures around 6.5cm in height
  • Heights of the Fancy Nins vary when wearing their hats
  • Natural timber
  • Non-toxic water-based colour stain
  • Finished with wax and vegetable-derived oils
  • For children 18mo+

The three things we love most about the Grapat Fancy Nins here at Milk Tooth:

    1. The incredible colours! Spanning a range of rainbow and pastel colours, the twelve Fancy Nins are vibrant and beautiful.
    2. The crazy hats! Each Fancy Nin wears a fun hat, and not all of these hats are "regular hats". They have cones and beehives and clown hats and saucepans and lampshades - jovial and fun-loving!
    3. Your child can mix and match the hats to their heart's content. This gorgeous reveal in the Grapat Fancy Nins is what makes them extra special. Your child can express their creativity, match or clash colours, create outfits, and more. The hats slot simply into the heads of each of the Fancy Nins, and this action doubles as wonderful fine motor skill practice for little hands.

    Grapat is well-known for their beautiful, hand-finished Nins, which are deliberately without gender and facial expression, allowing children to come up with their own stories and scenarios for their little friends. Made from natural timber with water-based colour stain, Grapat Nins feel beautiful in the hand and are fantastic for open-ended play.

    Being hand-finished from natural materials, each of Grapat's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, paint finishes, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing. Please note they are stained, not painted, and they are not varnished.

    To care for your Grapat wooden toys, please store them in a dry place. Clean them with a damp cloth and then dry immediately. Do not submerge the pieces in water or disinfect them.

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