Fagus | Car Transporter

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Fagus

  • 45cm long
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Sustainable beech timber
  • Rubber-based tyres
  • Made without the use of screws or nails
  • Includes two peg people
  • Includes wooden sports car "Speedy"
  • Suitable for ages 3yo+

The very impressive Fagus Car Transporter is 45cm in length and features an easily lowered top ramp. The ramp allows for access to both levels, so your child can store cars top and bottom. The vehicle also has fully steerable black and red rubber-based wheels, which are steered via the large wooden knob on top of the cabin.

The Fagus Car Transporter comes complete with two timber peg figures and a small wooden sports car called Speedy. Additional cars - Speedy, Van, or Oldie - are available for separate purchase. 

Handmade in Germany using sustainable timber, Fagus's beautiful wooden vehicles are sturdy, heirloom toys that are a joy to play with. Fagus does not use screws or nails. Instead the timber pieces are interlocked, dowelled, and glued together for a beautiful smooth finish.

Being hand-finished, each of Fagus's beautiful offerings is unique, with slightly different shaping, colouring, wood grain, texture, and occasional wood knots showing.

Customer Reviews

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This car transporter is seriously epic! It is such a great size and the quality is amazing! I can't wait to gift it to my son.