We were thrilled when Three Birds Renovations contacted us about our beautiful products for their amazing House 10. The house is jaw-dropping and it was truly an honour to see our OYOY Rainbow Wall Rug, Lilu Wicker Doll's Pram, and Kinderfeets Kinderboard styled in 3yo Hendrix's room and the nursery for Sophie's new baby girl.

Milk Tooth in Three Birds Renovations House 10 OYOY Rainbow Wall Rug Lilu Gold Doll's Pram Kinderfeets Kinderboard

You can shop the three products here (and they ship for free within Australia!) We've also added related items into this collection: different colour tones in those three products, as well as items of similar styles and colours to those use in the two kid's rooms. Feeling inspired by those simply beautiful spaces? Come take a look...

Muskhane | Wool Mushroom | Pollen
Muskhane | Wool Mushroom | Pollen
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Muskhane | Wool Mushroom | Pollen
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