Stapelstein Stacking Stones can be used as stepping stones, stacked blocks, bowls for loose parts toys or in pretend play, a step ladder, for building towers, in water play, to create a balance beam, and so much more. Stapelstein has also created a Balance Board to complement the Stones. Kids can use these to wobble and move, and each Board stacks perfectly inside one of the Stepping Stones.

The Stapelstein range of Stones, Boards, and Inside encourage gross motor play and creativity and are instantly appealing to children of all ages from 1yo and up. Stapelstein produce their toys entirely in Germany, using environmentally friendly and sustainable practices. The Stones and Boards are waterproof, long-lasting, and also 100% recyclable.

Stapelstein products have won the following awards: spiel gut (Working Committee for Children's Play + Toys eV in Ulm) / particularly development-promoting (BAG - Federal Working Group for Posture and Movement Promotion in Wiesbaden) / moving innovation (InBuB - Institute for Movement Education and Research in Würzburg) / Universal Design Winner (IUD - Institute for Universal Design KG in Munich) / Winner with strong ideas (MFG - Medien- und Filmgesellschaft Baden-Württemberg mbH in Stuttgart.

Kids will intuitively know how to play with Stapelstein - they might: line them up as a balance beam; space them out as stepping stones; stack them high into towers; use them in water play to tip, pour, and measure; sit in them to spin and wobble; incorporate them into pretend play as dinner plates or market baskets; use them as islands in a game of The Floor is Lava!; flip them over to use as bowls and buckets; form domes using two stones to hide items inside or to then balance together; turn them over and step inside them - they will be wobbly - balance required!; use them to toss and catch balls; pretend they're a hat or a helmet; create a hopscotch grid; or take them outdoors for some fresh air fun!