You can create a beautiful range of building materials for your child solely from the Papoose range, or you might like to combine them with blocks from the Bauspiel range. Papoose wooden blocks and lucite toys have been deliberately designed and sized to work perfectly with Bauspiel. Many of the Papoose toys are also a beautiful addition to other block structures - your child could use Papoose Bitcoin Window Blocks as windows in their apartment building or balance Papoose Lucite Triangles and Cubes along the tops of their castle walls.

The Papoose lucite toys are also very versatile for play in their own right. They're waterproof and can therefore be used in all manner of sensory play activities, including with shaving cream, in water, or buried in jelly or slime. The lucite items, the window blocks, and the gem blocks are also wonderful for playing and learning about light. Play with reflection and refraction in the sunlight. Look through two windows held together to see what colour they make.