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When Santa Was A Baby | Board Book

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Range: Books
Brand: Books

  • By Linda Bailey & Genevieve Godbout
  • 17.2cm x 12.7cm
  • Non-rhyming
  • Board book
  • Approximately 20cm by 20cm
  • Main themes: Christmas, family life

When Santa Was A Baby is a humorous book all about what Santa was like as a baby and child. His parents think Santa is absolutely wonderful. They embrace all of his quirks, including his fascination with chimneys, his willingness to give things away to others, his love of standing in the cool of an open refrigerator, his tendency to hook up his hamsters to pull a miniature sleigh, and his booming voice, never suspecting that Santa will turn out to be, well, Santa! 

This is a boardbook, with nice thick cardboard pages that will withstand even the smallest (and grubbiest!) hands. A very sweet Christmas picture book with vintage-style illustrations that will have children giggling and pointing out the oh-so-obvious signs of who Santa is soon to become.

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