Papoose | Large Lucite Triangles | 24 Pieces with Tray

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Papoose

  • For children 3yo+
  • 24 large transparent acrylic lucite triangles:
    • 4 triangles in each of 6 different colours
    • Each triangle is approximately 5cm by 5cm and 7cm along its longest edge
  • Wooden storage tray with sliding lid included
  • Can be submerged in water
  • Acrylic building blocks
  • Do not drop onto hard surfaces. Best played with on carpet or a rug, or on a table or desk

Papoose Large Lucite Triangles are big isosceles triangle blocks in six different jewel bright colours. You'll receive four of each colour. Simply beautiful and satisfying to play with - children will love to stack them, create mandala patterns, and form squares, rectangles, and other shapes.

The transparency of the Papoose Lucite Triangles invites children to play with light and colour.The Triangles are 5cm along two of their edges, which happens to work with the dimensions of the rest of the Papoose range and also the Bauspiel range of wooden blocks and lucite cubes.

The 24 Papoose Triangles come with their own wooden storage tray with a sliding lid. Pigmentation of Triangles might vary slightly between batches. Some of our photographs include regular-sized Bauspiel Lucite Cubes so you can compare the sizes; these are not included as part of this product listing.

Choking hazard due to small parts. This toy is not suitable for children under three years of age. Do not play with lucite toys over a hard surface, as they may crack, break, or chip when dropped.

Due to their size and weight, there is often friction between the cubes during transit. This can cause scuff marks on their sides; these are not considered a fault and are similar to the marks you can expect lucite toys to pick up during play.

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