Is It Halloween Yet? | Hardback Book

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  • By Susannah Chambers & Tamsin Ainslie
  • 28.6 × 22.8 cm
  • Non-rhyming
  • Hardback picture book
  • Includes a craft page showing how to make an origami bat
  • Main themes: Halloween, family life, motherhood, imaginative play
  • Inclusions: Racial diversity, grandparents, girl lead, Australian, breastfeeding

Is It Halloween Yet? by Susannah Chambers and Tamsin Ainslie is a beautiful book that will resonate with both mums and children alike. The story centres around a little girl who's clearly very excited about the approach of Halloween and keeps asking her busy mum "Is it Halloween yet?" while doing everything within her power to prepare and decorate for the occasion.

The girl's mother is distracted by the daily demands of life, including a breastfeeding baby, and answers the little girl while completing other chores, working from home, and tidying up the mess of daily life. At the end of the book the little girl has turned her mummy into a Halloween mummy by wrapping her up in loo paper and the whole family heads out trick or treating together.

The illustrations in this beautiful book are divine. There's a possum and gum trees on the front cover so it might be set in Australia. The little girl's home is possibly intergenerational, as her grandmother looks to be living with the family. The family is also possibly racially diverse, although the illustrations could be interpreted differently. The book features lots of imaginative play and creativity.

Is It Halloween Yet? is a hardcover book with a satin feel cover. The title of the book and certain elements of the illustrations are picked out in gloss.

Customer Reviews

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Halloween book

This is a beautiful book! I love the fact it’s Australian so the pictures and writing are in an Australian context (eg watermelons instead of pumpkins). Each page is detailed so there’s lots to discuss. It’s a loved book in our household already.