Play Mats & Rugs for Beautiful Nurseries & Kids' Rooms


Here at Milk Tooth, we've curated a section of the coolest play mats and kids' rugs on the Australian market. In selecting our favourites, we considered what's out there and what you - our valued customers - want in a kid's floor covering. Some of the questions we covered were:

Why have a nursery playmat or a bedroom rug?

From a functionality point of view, baby play mats are wonderful for tummy time, floor time, general lounging around on, smearing food on, and the like. Kids' rugs serve a similar purpose, with children loving a nice soft rug to lie on to read a book, to sit and play with their dollhouse, to hang out on with friends. They're warmer underfoot than many floor surfaces.

The coolest (and most fun!) children's rugs out there at the moment also facilitate the play themselves. They're printed with roads and mountains, maps of the world, animals and sea creatures. Children adore playing with wooden animals and cars, figurines and the like, using the hand printed patterns to help create a scene in their imaginations.

Beyond the practical uses of playmats and rugs, there's the pure aesthetics of them. By adding colour, texture, pattern, or play, a fabulous rug can make a kid's bedroom. Similarly, the perfectly textured play mat in a baby's nursery can add a certain depth and interest to the room that otherwise simply wouldn't be there (and you'd be left wondering...What have I missed?) We advocate for the use of a rug as a hero piece in your space. You could even start with a truly amazing rug that you and your little one love and build the room from there. Or, particularly with our many neutral, monochrome rugs, add them in once you've chosen your other key items, such as a gorgeous cot or bed or a beautiful artwork.

Ok, so it's clear that every cool kid's bedroom and every beautiful nursery needs an amazing, standout rug or playmat. So our next question is...

How do I choose the right rug or playmat for my space?

It's as simple - or as complicated! - as love, style, and quality.

Choose a rug that you love. Or one that your child has seen on your screen and pointed at and expressed their love for. If you love it, you won't regret it. If you love it, chances are it will go with all the other beautiful decor and toys you've chosen or will choose for your nursery, playroom, or bedroom space. Trust yourself, really!

We'll temper that paragraph directly above just slightly, however, by saying also think about the style you're going for in the room. Are you aiming for eclectic boho? Sleek monochrome? Natural timbers and neutrals? Pastels? Soft pink, white, and grey? Brights? Make sure the rug has a relationship to your theme (if you have one) and the overarching style of the room, even if you're not getting too specific in defining a particular style or colourscheme.

Finally, as long as you choose a good quality rug from a truly clever brand, an indie designer, or a handmade label, you're on track. The emphasis is on the quality. A good quality, high end play mat or rug will last. It'll look expensive, and it'll raise the entire feel of the room.

In selecting a kid's rug, you can think about gaps that need filling. Is there a lack of textural element in the room? Go for a beautiful, natural-feeling woven cotton. Does the room need softening? How about a soft pastel pink, and/or a gorgeously soft velvet or cotton jersey?

So.. Whatcha got?

Lots! Here at Milk Tooth we have Danish design rugs in a monochrome woven cotton as well as the most beautiful rainbow wall rug, vibrantly-coloured felt ball rugs that have been put together by hand in Nepal, beautiful soft cotton jersey playmats from our very own Australian brand Mister Fly, more amazing Aussie design in the form of cushy quilted play mats from the iconic Kip and Co, more Scandinavian design in a playful Hopscotch Rug from KAOS, and more European cool via Lucky Boy Sunday wool rugs.

You can browse through our entire range of kid's rugs, playmats, and floor coverings to see what you like the look of, or use the menu sub-links towards the top of this page.

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