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  • Three Stapelstein Stacking Stones in three sizes and three warm rainbow colours:
    • red is large; it weighs 70.8 grams and measures 21.1cm in diameter and 8.8 in height
    • orange is medium; it weighs 38.4 grams and measures 15.6cm in diameter and 6.6cm in height
    • yellow is small; it weighs 12 grams and measures 9.4cm in diameter and 4.2cm in height
  • The largest stone in the Inside set fits inside the original size Stapelstein stacking stones
  • Made in Germany
  • Suitable for ages 12 months and up
  • Suitable for outdoor use
  • Created from 100% resource-saving EPP (expanded polypropylene)
  • Material is fully recyclable
  • Maximum load: 50kg
  • CE Certified
  • Photos depict Stapelstein Inside Warm Classic being played with alongside other Stapelstein products, including other Stapelstein Inside sets, all sold separately

This listing is for a set of three Stapelstein Inside Nesting Stones in the warm classic rainbow colours of red, orange, and yellow. Stapelstein Inside Warm Classic stones are designed to nest into each other, with one large, one medium, and one small stone all fitting perfectly inside each other. The large stone also nestles perfectly inside the original size Stapelstein Stepping Stones.

Stapelstein Stacking Stones and Balance Boards are the perfect open-ended toy and have already become a hit world-wide. With their vibrant colours and corner-free, curved shape, they are instantly appealing to children of all ages and can be used in so many different ways, encouraging both gross motor movement and imagination. The new Stapelstein Inside Sets of nesting stones add a whole new dimension to Stapelstein play. 

Kids will intuitively know how to play with Stapelstein Inside - they might:

  • use them with dry rice, beans, or lentils in sensory play to compare volume and mass
  • explore the concept of object permanence - if an item is hidden inside a hollow created using Stapelstein Inside stones, does it still exist?
  • line them up as an uneven and challenging balance beam, one that goes from easy (large) to difficult (small) or vice versa
  • use them to make sand domes of differing sizes on the beach
  • use them as islands in a game of The Floor is Lava! Pity the player who has to balance on the small yellow Inside stone!
  • sit in them to spin and wobble - which one is easiest? 
  • create a solar system of orbiting planets
  • stack them into sculptural towers
  • use them in water play to tip, pour, and measure
  • space them out as stepping stones
  • incorporate them into pretend play as dinner plates or market baskets
  • flip them over to use as bowls and buckets
  • turn them over and step inside them - they will be wobbly - balance required!
  • pretend they're a hat or a helmet
  • create a hopscotch grid, or
  • take them outdoors for some fresh air fun!

Stapelstein Stepping Stones, Inside Nesting Stones, and Balance Boards are completely waterproof. They are recommended for use by ages 1yo and up and take a weight load of up to 180kg (Stones), 120kg (Boards), or 50kg (Inside), so toddlers, small children, bigger children can play with all of them, and even teens and adults can have fun with the original Stepping Stones and Boards!

Safety recommendations and care instructions: Please do not use Stapelstein products with pointed and sharp objects and surfaces, as these can damage the Stacking Stones and Balance Boards. Avoid heat. When playing with water, the Stacking Stones are only to be used as toys; they are not swimming aids. Please be careful when balancing. Jerky movements on smooth floors can cause the Stones and Boards to slide. This can be prevented by using the Stones and Boards on carpet, a rug, or a yoga mat. Do not store outdoors.

Please note that Stones and Boards sometimes come with very small imperfections in their colouring, e.g. a small spot of more highly saturated colour than the rest of the piece. This can happen during the manufacturing process and is not considered a fault. 

Stapelstein products comply with the standards of the REACH regulations as well as with the guidelines for toy safety 2009/48 / EC. Certificates: DIN EN 71-1: 2014-07, DIN EN 71-3: 2017-10.

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