October 23, 2014 1 min read

I think I've only just really realised this. I already knew it of course, but Sylvie turned one on the weekend and I'm suddenly thinking "Where did my baby go?"

I am ever so grateful to have spent every day and every night of her babyhood with her. It has been such a privilege and so important to me. I know it doesn't work out like this for everyone, but the stars have aligned for us and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Sure, some of the hours spent nursing non-stop on the couch have seemed long. Some of the nights waking over and over again to the point where I threw in the towel altogether on going back to sleep have seemed endless. There have been a lot of nappy changes and lately there have been some shows of strong will. But my message to other new mums is this:

The days pass by.
The weeks quickly add up.
The months tick over.
And then your year of baby is gone. You only get 365 days.

Happy birthday, sweet girl. We love you.

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