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Jellycat | Huddles Duck

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Range: Soft toys
Brand: Jellycat

  • Suitable for ages 0+ (safe for newborns)
  • Approximately 24cm by 10cm
  • 100% polyester with plastic pellets

Jellycat's Huddles Duck is a little bit special because it's not just one soft duckie, but two! There's not much sweeter than a mummy (or daddy) duck taking care of her duckling, and the Huddles Jellycat is no exception. The duckling can easily be taken in and out of the mother duck's arms.  

In tousled, soft, cream fur, this pair is ready to join a new, loving home. Jellycat Huddles Ducks have orangey-yellow beaks and waddly feet. Their loving expressions make them instantly lovable.

Jellycat creates the most beautifully soft friends for your child to love and treasure. Favoured as a newborn gift and collected thereafter, your child's first Jellycat toy often becomes their best friend and special comfort item. With super-soft fur and squishy bodies, each Jellycat soft toy is perfect for daytime adventures and sleepy snuggles. Their friendly, innocent faces and gentle colours are calming and comforting after a long day of play.

Hand wash only; machine washing not recommended. Do not bleach, tumble dry, or dry clean. Jellycat toys are safe from birth but huge and large Jellycat toys should not be left in a cot, crib, bassinet, or other baby sleep space.

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