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Red & Lulu | Paperback Book

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Range: Books
Brand: Books

  • By Matt Tavares
    • Paperback picture book
      • Approximately 27cm by 24cm
        • Non-rhyming
          • Main themes: Christmas, love
            • Inclusions: Nature

              Red & Lulu by Matt Tavares is a lovely Christmas picture book featuring a pair of cardinals, who live in a beautiful evergreen tree and love to hear people singing the song "Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree" for they believe the song is about their tree.

              One day the tree is cut down and Lulu is carried away with it. Devoted Red is determined to follow and flies after the tree, all the way to the city. Hearing a crowd singing their song, he eventually finds their tree, with Lulu tucked safely amongst its branches. Their tree has been transformed into the most incredible Christmas tree.

              The birds make a new home in a park in the city, taking a special trip each year at Christmastime to again listen to their special song, "Oh Christmas Tree".