Mikheev | People | Baba Yaga Witch

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Range: Wooden toys
Brand: Mikheev

  • 10.5cm x 8cm
  • Solid birch timber
  • Handcrafted in Russia
  • Handpainted with water-based paint and finished with acrylic lacquer
  • Spotclean with a damp cloth
  • For ages 3yo and above

The spooky Mikheev Baba Yaga Witch wooden toy is smiling at you! Is she friend...or foe? Our Baba Yaga wears a brown cloak over her hunched back, as well as a green skirt. Her grey hair is just peeking out from her orange head scarf and she holds a blackened broom. Her nose is adored with a wart. The Mikheev Baba Yaga stands at 10.5cm tall and is a wonderful size to pair with Milk Tooth's Drewart Witch's Houses or Sheds, Castles, Prisons, and more, as well as our Bauspiel Castles.

The Baba Yaga is a Russian fairytale character. A magical being considered to be somewhat of an ogress, she lives in the woods and is sometimes helpful and sometimes not... A lost child might be guided home - or cooked and gobbled up! The Baba Yaga lives in a hut that stands on chicken legs and is also considered a forest spirit.

Mikheev wooden toys are handmade in Russia from natural birch wood. They're created with flat bases, making them easy to stand up during small world play. Mikeev toys are finished with a non-toxic acrylic lacquer. The finish is mostly matte with a slight sheen.

As each Mikheev wooden toy is created and finished by hand, they vary slightly in terms of shape, colouring, and the amount of woodgrain or knots showing through the colouring. Each piece is perfectly unique.

Suitable for play by ages 3 and up.

Customer Reviews

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Larissa Hay
Mikheev Baba Yaga Witch

Absolutely adore the Baba Yaga Witch from Milk Tooth. Such a delight to open the package & handle the beautifully finished, soft rounded edges. Not an imposing witch to scare you in the woods. But a wonderfull image of a nurturing wise woman offering warmth to little fingers, minds & hearts. So eager to see my grandbubs play.

Chantelle Ridgwell
Beautiful Brand

This figure forms part of our very well loved Mikheev collection. They are beautifully made and all hold up magnificently to both gentle and rough play. Definitely a toy that will be played with and passed down for generations.