Connetix Tiles | 80 Piece Pastel Ball Run Expansion Pack DAMAGED PACKAGING

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Range: Magnetic Toys
Brand: Connetix Tiles

  • Please note this item has minor damage to its outer box. Damage might include a crushed corner, a tear in the printed sleeve, a small hole in the box, and/or other cosmetic wear and tear from shipping. The tiles inside are undamaged. Pricing reflects the damage; no further discounts apply. This item cannot be returned due to a change of mind.
  • Set of 80 pieces:
    • 2 x double bowls (brand new!)
    • 2 x X-tubes (brand new!)
    • 8 x spiral tubes (brand new!)
    • 48 x square ball run tiles (with holes through the middle for the balls to pass through)
    • 6 x 90 degree bends (right angled corner tubes)
    • 6 x U shape bends (180 degree bend tubes)
    • 8 x wooden balls (3cm diameter)
    • Suitable for ages 3yo and up

    The new 80 Piece Connetix Pastel Ball Run Expansion Pack is the perfect add on for families who adore their existing earthy pastel Ball Run. It contains three brand new ball tube designs to make your play even more fascinating and engaging for your child.

    First up, we have the new X-shape tubes, which will re-direct balls from two different directions and send them off in two different directions. Next, we're introducing the Connetix Tiles double-entry bowls - bowls are so much fun for a pause and some suspense in the action, and now you can have balls arriving into the bowls from two different parts of your Ball Run. Finally, Connetix have designed some gorgeous swirly spiral pieces, so much fun for the eye to follow!

    As well as the exclusively designed new Ball Run pieces, Connetix have included more balls, lots more ball run tiles (we can never get enough of these while building Ball Runs!), and also more half-turn and full-turn tube pieces. The included ball run tiles are in the new earthy Connetix pastel colours, which we describe as mulberry, pink, peach, honey, mint, teal, periwinkle, and lavender.

    The Connetix Tiles Ball Run Expansion Pack, just like the full Ball Run pack, features clear tubes and bowls. This allows children to clearly see the ball passing through the run, and also makes for easy identification of these pieces while building.

    Please note the photos show the 80 Piece Pastel Ball Run Expansion set used in conjunction with other Connetix Tiles sets.

    Connetix Tiles contribute to the development of fine motor skills, spatial awareness, identification of common shapes, and hand-eye coordination - and they're simply beautiful.

    Connetix focusses on providing the best in magnet strength and safety. The tiles are made from ABS non-toxic, BPA-free plastic. Compatible with both Playmags and Magnatiles.

    We recommend using a damp cloth without chemicals to clean your tiles. We don’t recommend placing them in water as the magnets may rust.

    Although each Connetix tile is ultrasonically welded and includes rivets for extra safety, your child's safety is paramount and so they are recommended for play from 3 years and up. The wooden balls are potential choking hazards and supervision is strongly advised.

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