Hey Mamamia, how about supporting small Australian businesses, instead?

A friend just alerted me to an article on Mamamia entitled "Practical things you didn't know you could buy online." The article suggests its (primarily Australian) readers buy from major online US stores such as diapers.com, Macys and SAKS Fifth Avenue. Really, Mamamia? diapers.com?

This really annoys me, because I know Mamamia likes to take a political and socially responsible stance on issues. Is supporting the Australian economy and/or small business not something Mamamia cares about? It's such a shame, because an article pointing Mamamia's many readers to look domestically for online shopping could have been really beneficial for little businesses like Milk Tooth.

While it might be hard to imagine that an article on a mummy website like Mamamia might make any difference to real small business owners in Australia, I'm hear to tell you it can. I've only been operating Milk Tooth for a few months, and I'm currently making a grand total of around $15 a day. This is absolutely normal for a start-up, but it does mean that every extra sale...every.single.one...helps me along and helps to build up my business. That in turn helps me to stay at home with my daughter and give her as much all-important mummy-time as I can, so she grows up to be the best little person she can be. A socially-responsible person at that.

So, Mamamia, how about an article promoting a handful of small Aussie businesses? Why not promote some work-at-home mums who are working many more hours a day for much less pay than they would be at a "regular job", because they feel that's the very best thing they can do for their children?

Thanks to my friend for commenting on the article to point this out to readers, and for linking to Milk Tooth.

P.s. The article also points readers towards Etsy, which I wholeheartedly support. There are many work-at-home parents on Etsy who are only just charging enough to compensate them for the labour they put into their beautiful, handmade items. I've found a handful of the brands I offer on Milk Tooth through Etsy, because I want to support other small businesses as much as possible myself.


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