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Who are we? Our three words.

November 25, 2014 3 min read 2 Comments

We're still pretty new over here at Milk Tooth. I got into an email discussion the other day with the first of my "regular customers" (first of many, hopefully!) She has advertising and marketing credentials, and was helping me out by suggesting I think about my brand and what sets Milk Tooth apart from other online baby gift stores and children's toy stores.

This is actually a big question for me. What does set us apart? I'm aware that if I'm not careful, Milk Tooth will simply become a "me too" store. Just another store like the others. But I really hope it isn't that. I'm working hard to make Milk Tooth a special place to come and shop.

The suggestion was that I come up with three words that describe Milk Tooth and what makes it different. And that I make sure to apply some or all of those words to everything I do for the website: blog posts, newsletters, social media posts, product listings, etc.

I've really gotten a lot out thinking about Milk Tooth as a brand in this way. And after some jotting down and reworking, I now have my three words! Here they are:


I love each and every product on Milk Tooth. I've made not a single compromise in selecting my stock, and I've extensively researched and selected and shopped to the point where I now have what I think is an excellent curation of beautiful, well-designed, high-quality items that I can stand behind and recommend to my customers. I hope you like my taste.


There is a lot of me in this business. I enjoy writing in the first person and being accessible to my customers. So you get to know the person behind Milk Tooth. And you get to know my daughter too! I've included Sylvia in many of my posts and photos, because I like that she can represent the little ones that you might be thinking of buying for. I'm an advocate for gentle parenting practices, gender equality and the environment, so I also like to include some of that in my musings, in my approach to product selection and description, and even in the protective packaging that I use when I send things out to you. Finally, I am the customer service that you'll receive at Milk Tooth, and I aim to be the best when it comes to helping you.


I research competitors' prices before listing items on Milk Tooth, and then I price my items at the lower end - often below - the price range that's currently out there. So you know you don't really need to shop around for the best price. If it's on Milk Tooth, it's probably a really good price already. On top of that, I hope you've already benefited from our newsletter sign-up deal of 15% off your first order, and maybe one of the other offers we've put out there. Lastly, we have an ongoing rewards system called Milk Tooth spending money. You can earn points for creating an account, joining our newsletter, making a purchase, writing a review and referring a friend. Because of the program's ongoing nature, you need never pay full price on Milk Tooth - ever. Just keep on converting that Milk Tooth spending money into discount codes.

What do you think? Do you get a sense of these three words when you browse through the website or read my posts? Do you have any suggestions for me?

A very big thank you to Roshnee.

- Katherine












2 Responses

Carla Lidbury
Carla Lidbury

December 10, 2014

Spot on Katherine!


November 27, 2014

It’s your passion that sets you apart Kath – I love that you’ve been so brave in jumping into this!

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